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A Season of Gratitude

I try to always be aware of the importance of gratitude.  It is so easy to focus on the things that we with we could improve in our lives.  This is especially true in our prayer lives.  It’s easy to get caught up in constantly asking God for things.  There is always someone whose health could improve, someone who can use a new job, and many other requests that we have for God.

But we must remember to also thank God for all that He has given us and all of the prayers that He has answered.

With the approach of Thanksgiving and the Christmas season of Advent, it is now the perfect time to focus on gratitude.

So I want to reflect on my year and all that I am grateful for.

-My health – I’ve been doing well with my Lyme disease for a while, finally able to get back into running races again this year

-My family – Since I no longer live close to my family, it makes me even more grateful for the time I get to spend with them during the holidays.  I am thankful that they are only two hours away so that it’s not a difficult task to go home to Connecticut.

-My new friends – I have been so blessed with all of the new people I have met this past year, meeting people at work, at the beach, and in Bible study, and my young adult group.

-My Bible study – It is through this Bible study that I have been able to meet most of these new friends.  I am so grateful to have a group of people who are pushing me to grow in my faith.

-My apartment – I love living so close to the beach.

-The ocean – It keeps me sane on the days when I am stressed out.

-My job. I love teaching high school English so much.

-My students.  I have a really great group of kids this year.




-My wet suit from my uncle that now allows me to go kayaking and stand up paddling even when the weather isn’t super warm

-The beach

-Having a roof over my head

-Living in a first world country so that I don’t have to struggle each day to survive

-My love for volunteering

-All of the people I have met through my volunteer opportunities both locally and abroad

-My priests

-My sponsored child, Patience, and his family

-That I have had the chance to meet the Brazilian side of my family, especially my now deceased grandma and grandpa





-My Catholic faith


Lyme Brain

This morning I realized that I lost my wallet.  Today is Friday.  I lost it Wednesday afternoon and didn’t notice until today.  It’s actually quite ironic because I found a wallet in the parking lot yesterday and turned it in, hoping that nobody had found the wallet before me and removed the cash, since all that’s inside was a license and debit card.

The exact same thing happened to me just a month ago.  At the exact same store.  On December 2nd, I left my wallet at Stop & Shop.  Two days later, I realized it was missing.  Someone had turned it into customer service and I got it back, without anything removed.

Apparently this week, my memory was just as flakey as it was in December.  On Wednesday, January 20th, I went shopping at Stop & Shop.  It wasn’t until this morning (Friday, January 22nd) that I noticed t hat it was missing.

My first reaction is thanksgiving toward the fact that people have turned in my wallet both times.  But then I also feel like a complete idiot.  I had to go back to Stop & Shop to get my wallet for the second time.  They probably wonder who this stupid girl is who can’t keep track of her belongings.

My main concern is that I don’t know how to fix this problem.  I’m thinking it has something to do with my “Lyme brain” and memory fog.  But how to I make a change?  How do I force myself to remember to check if my wallet is with me everywhere I go?

I can deal with the join pain.  I can deal with the fatigue.  But how many more times will I lose my wallet?  And when will it be the time that I lose it and someone decides to steal everything inside rather than turning it in?

My wallet sat in the parking lot for who knows how long?  It could have easily been swiped.  Or someone could have easily taken the cash and gift cards before turning it in.  I don’t deserve to be so lucky despite my dumb behavior.

I’m obviously happy about the way it all turned out, but I just can’t believe it happened again.