Bucket List

I have noticed lately that I actually have many more items on my accomplished bucket list than my actual bucket list, which is absolutely amazing. However, it also means that I have to start making more goals for myself! 🙂

Bucket List:

1. Go to Australia

2. Go snorkeling

3. Participate in a polar plunge

4. Go to Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe

5. Go to Hawaii

6. Go to a drive-in movie

7. Volunteer in India

8. Become fluent in Spanish or Portuguese

9. Explore Machu Picchu

10. Visit Easter island

11. Travel to Antarctica

12. Go to Iguazu Falls in Brazil

13. Walk across the Grand Canyon skywalk

14. Go parasailing

15. Compete in a triathlon sprint

Accomplished Bucket List:

1. Complete a Color Run


2. Run a half marathon (PR of 1:55 in 2016 at the Fairfield Half in CT)


3. Run a marathon (Hartford Marathon in 2013  and Atlantic City Marathon in 2016)


4. Go to Brazil

Rio with my cousin Gabriel
Rio with my cousin Gabriel

5. Volunteer in Ecuador


6. Volunteer in Haiti


7. Run all 3 of the Spartan races (sprint, super, and beast)

Spartan Beast in Vermont
Spartan Beast in Vermont

8. Go to an Eminem concert (MetLife Stadium – August 2014)

My picture from the concert at MetLife Stadium! (front row!!!)

9. Complete a Tough Mudder (2014)


10. Become an English teacher


11. Work in an inner city (first teaching job in Bridgeport, CT)


12. Get my master’s degree (graduated in May 2014)


13. Volunteer in Africa (went to Rwanda with Visiting Orphans – July 2015)


14. Go on an African safari (went gorilla trekking in Rwanda in August 2015)


15. Move to New Jersey (moved September 2015)


16. Live by the beach (2015 – renting an apartment really close to the beach)


17. Meet my sponsored child, Patience, in Rwanda (met him August 2015)


18.  Meet my Brazilian grandparents (I met them in 2012)


19. Meet my half sister, Vanessa (met her in Brazil in 2012)


20. Learn how to surf (I’m not awesome, but I was decent each of the 3 times I took lessons)


21. Rescue a dog (I had Butterscotch for 10 wonderful years)


22. Volunteer with Living Water International (2016)

Ready to head out for our first day of drilling

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